Friday, February 19, 2010

A blog no more?

Yup. I used to blog a lot more and you know why? I was addicted to weddingbee. I really wanted to become a blogger on there, but then I realized, heck, I don't need that robbing all of my time! I noticed I was online for hours at a time almost every day trying to make them happy, when I was making myself miserable because I thought I was never good enough for them.

I haven't been on weddingbee for almost a month. The last time I had checked they started coming out with "cloth pattern" names and it was too much for me. I was looking at the info on some of the bees and wow. So not my thing anymore! The only cool chick was miss nachos for me after the dog generation.


Stacy Marie said...

I haven't read the Bee since the New Year...I think the quality of their bloggers has really gone down. Sounds like you made the right decision for you!

Charis said...

Well please still blog. I like your blog, I dont comment much tho.. Its inspiring. But you made the right decision for you. Im still on there but cutting down on time as I seem to have most of the stuff planned and not looking for ideas as much.

Best of luck tho!

Miss Ferret said...

Thanks you guys :) I thought nobody read my lonely blog. I'll still blog, but to make ME happy and not everyone else around me.

Charis said...

best way to do it I think..I blog to get my ideas out and some kind of logical order. Think thats the best way.
And yes people read lonely blogs..because they have lonely blogs themselves and need company :)