Friday, October 30, 2009

This Wonderful Art Store Called Michaels

A little while ago my mom had gone to Plattsburg with her sweetie to do some shopping since the Canadian dollar was almost at par with the U.S dollar. She mentioned that she went to an art store there that we don't have here and that I would really really enjoy it.

You see, I'm a craft person. I went to Dawson College in Visual Arts hoping to do something useful with my skills. I love to create things with my hands. You know how some people have one or two hobbies? I've got too many! I knit, crochet, do beading, caking, lots of random DIY stuff. I have containers of beads, felt, wool, differents tools,'s all over the place! So when I went to Michaels I went berserk! I was just astounded by how much different art supplies there were here! We were in there for almost 3 hours! Here is what we bought:

Bubbles! Yes, something so plain I know. However, here in our "bridal boutiques" the bubble containers are small, chunky looking, and crazy expensive for nothing. I loved the way these were made. The could fit in your pocket without exploding. I was thinking of tying ribbon on the top for some flair.

My cute little rubber ducky cake toppers! I absolutely love these! I thought of maybe adding something shiny on the bride and maybe doing something with the groom like put a mini bow tie on it to give it some depth.

These are some of the accessories and tools that I'll be using for the decorating of the invitations, favors, table numbers, seating chart, and whatever else I might think of for the wedding.

I also bought:

cake leveler
2 invitation box sets from Martha Stewart
Thank you cards
Guest book
Beads to make the bridesmaids' and MOH's necklace
More ribbon
More random beads
Garter set

I can't wait to go back!

Do you do go nuts in an art supplies store?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cake Toppers!

I never thought there were so many choices for cake toppers. At the weddings I have been at I have only seen something like this:



Personally, I really really don't like these. They remind me way too much of the 80s and 90s and everyone else's wedding that I have been at.

So I searched where else? Etsy!

From ACharmingMess

This super adorable cake topper by emiliefriday

As you can see I like the bird theme. However, I didn't plan on buying an 80.00$ cake topper. They are really nice, but not worth it for me.

One day, while shopping with my mom and MOH C in Plattsburg we spotted a Michaels store. We don't have any of these here in Quebec. We went NUTS! (More on that in a future post). I found this (please excuse my poor photography skills):

My mom and MOH C smiled since they knew that it fit me and Mr. Ferret's personality. They are so cute!

What are your ideas for cake toppers? Going for the simple and traditional or something "way out there"?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cake Stands

A couple of months ago I was searching everywhere possible to find a cake stand for our wedding. It seemed to me that before I needed a cake stand I saw them everywhere! And then, when I needed one most, I couldn't find one that pleased me.

I had seen some simple glass ones at Wal-Mart, but I wanted to get something a little fancier since it will be for a wedding.

I saw some cute ideas online, but the shipping to Canada would make it double to price. Aie-ayaie!

Imagine changing the red ribbon for a sage green ribbon?


You have to admit these look really yummy!
But I don't have 160.00$ for a cake stand...

Well, one day browsing through random stores in Mount-Royal in Montreal I came upon a store which had a lot of kitchen stuff. I thought, "Heh, why not? I'll browse inside and see what I can find". And I found this one:

I know its not the prettiest one on the block, but for 15.00$ I am pretty happy with it. Plus, it's a light yellow which is part of my color theme.

I'm happy with my cake stand. I still have a wondering eye though if I end up finding something else with a little more pizazz.

What kind of cake stand style are you in the mood for your wedding?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Boom Boom Boom!

Music that is! Not construction noises like we are hearing here at home. We're doing loads of renovations right now!

Mr. Ferret and I grew up on late 80s early 90s music.
You know what I mean.

We plan to have a lot of Eurodance and some music that we heard throughout our teenage years. What I find truly interesting about Mr. Ferret is that we only met back in 2001, but it feels like we've known each other for much much longer. Heck, sometimes I put on one song and he looks at me as if to say " YES! I remember this!" and he smiles and dances a bit (he's shy about dancing heehee). However, when I hear music that I love, oh man, I will be dancing and you won't be able to stop me!

These are a couple of our favorites for the wedding.

I used to dance to this when I was 4 years old!

Yea yea, I know. Cliche. I just absolutely love dancing to this!(choreography and all)

 This song is too fun!

Mr. Ferret's Fave

Another for Mr. Ferret

And I could go on and on and on...
We'll also be putting a little surprise in there.

What music would you prefer to have at your reception?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MOH C's inspiration board

Hello all! MOH C and Bridesmaid P are getting married next year! It's not new news to me, but it is to you guys. A couple of months ago MOH C was trying to find her wedding colors. She knew exactly what kind of dress she wanted so she needed something that would compliment her dress and bring things together. She really liked the colors white and red and her wedding is to be held in September 2010. Her fiance looks really nice in orange so we played around with a few color combinations.

Here were some ideas:

She ended up choosing a combo of red, white, and hints of chocolate brown. YUM!

Would you chose a red or chocolate brown bridesmaid dress? I really like both colors!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To booze or not to booze

For many months I have been reading blogs and forums from Canada and the Unites States. One thing that really stood out for me was that in the States there seems to be a lot more 'open bars' at weddings. Here in Qu├ębec, the french speaking background anyways, see that as the surefire way to make everyone drunk and forget they are at a wedding.

I have personally never seen an open bar in the french society. There is only wine at supper and if you want something else afterwards well you can purcahse it yourself at the bar.

I have been to one english wedding and there was an open bar. First I was like 'WOAH! There's an open bar! I can drink all I want!' Then I went to stand in line for about 10 minutes since everyone else had the same idea as I had.Then I thought "Well, this just feels like when I was hanging out at someones apartment in college getting sloshed". I got myself a total of two drinks and I think I just had one too many. It's not because I drank too much. It's because I wasted a wonderful wedding evening standing in line to get a drink! I noticed a lot of guests were just ordering drinks after drinks and just chatting a bit. I totally did not want this for my wedding.

So Mr. Ferret and I went for the "closed bar" option. Most of our family only drinks wine and most of our friends had their hard alcohol phase back in college. However, there is always that little party animal that you never knew was part of your friend/family and then all hell breaks loose.

What would you have done in my position?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hair inspiration

In a past post I wrote that I was growing my hair out for the wedding. The reason is that I want to have my hair up for the wedding! I like simple, elegant, and not too fussy.

Here are a few ideas that I had in mind:

Yea yea. I know I don' t have a lot of pictures to share. It's so hard to find something that I like!

What are your ideas for your hair on your wedding day?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Food Glorious Food!

I asbolutely LOVE my reception hall. The owner knows the mother of one of our friends so it's even better. What we are tremendously happy about it is that we can bring some of Mr. Ferret's Vietnamese traditional food!

We will be bringing loads of imperial rolls that Mr. Ferret's mom makes for special occasions made with crab and shrimp.

And this entree that I keep forgetting its name. Its made with sugar cane wrapped in ground shrimp. This stuff is SO addictive! When the sugar cane is cooked it gets so sweet. You can chew out all of the juice while chomping down on the shrimp.

There are other traditional foods that are usually served at Vietnamese weddings. It's generally a lot of seafood. One of them is something like the shrimp paste above with the sugar cane, but it's like a pancake and another is deep fried crab patties.

I'm going to eat like a pig at our wedding and LOVE IT!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evolution of Hair

I've been "growing my hair out" just for the wedding. You see, I'm the kind of girl that cannot STAND having more than 4 inches of hair all over. It drives me berserk! Up to the point that I generally hack it off before I can get to a hairdresser.

March 2005

I also took hairdressing classes back in 2003 so I also learned how to properly color my own hair and do some major funky stuff. So trying to get nice long healthy hair is a lot of work for me!

In highschool I mostly had bright red or orange hair. And I mean ORANGE. Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures of myself with orange hair, but here are a few others...

Winter 2004

Winter 2005

August 2006
(I had gotten hair extensions that summer when I went to Sweden)

Summer 2008

Winter 2006 

Have you tried growing out your hair for your wedding?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Riz en Folie!

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to try out Riz En Folie because I thought it could be an interesting dessert to have at the reception. I had seen an ad in the newspaper about it being the first Rice Pudding Bar in Canada. I absolutely LOVE rice pudding. So one Wednesday evening I decided to pop on in and try a few flavors.

I arrived 30 minutes before closing so they didn't have many flavors left. I tried going for the flavors that had colors similar to our wedding theme. There wasn't enough of the Mint Chocolate for me to bring home, but the saleslady gave me a spoonful to taste. YUM! It seriously tasted like After Eight chocolate! I didn't taste any other samples, but decided to get a 2 serving containter of Green Tea and Lemon Pie.

2 2 serving dishes withtheir own spoons.

I was really disappointed. I guess I had high expectations after trying the Mint Chocolate rice pudding. The Green Tea somewhat tasted bland. I expected to it to taste more matcha-ish since I had made some green tea cupcakes a few weeks back. The Lemon Pie was good, but really tart. I love tart, but it has to be evened out with the sweetness. It tasted more like lemon juice pie.

The flavors didn't make a cut and at 4.00$ for a 2 serving dish, we decided not to bring this dessert to the reception.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hi! My name is Miss Ferret and I'm a Tea-aholic

I'm a tea lover. I ABSOLUTELY love tea. I drink it every day and sometimes a couple of times a day. I'm obsessed with loose leaf tea and I have a picture to prove it!

And imagine, there's more tea on an upper shelf!

Now what does this have to do with my wedding? Well, we're giving tea as favors for our guests. Our two favorite flavors: Long Island Strawberry Green Tea and Pear Hug Black Tea. We'll be using jars similar to the ones in the far right corner of the image above.

I mostly get my tea from where I work, Brulerie St. Denis in Montreal and The Tea Store from Ottawa. The Tea Store has jars filled with tea that go along the wall and you can open them up to smell the goodness. They make a lot of their own blends such as Fall Medley, Witches Brew, Candy Cane Tea, Blue Mango Green Tea, and the list goes on and on!

*off to make a cup of tea*