Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inspiration Board

I had been trying to get myself an idea of what colors I'd like for our wedding. In the past, Mr. Ferret and I have been to weddings that always had these colors: pink, purple, pink, red, peach, get the idea. We did not want any of these colors since it had seriously been overdone by 10 or so weddings we both had gone to in the past. We also wanted something different.

We explored with the colors of green with white,  yellow with red, light blue with red, and green with teal.

Red is a good luck color in the Asian community, but I had a feeling that my relatives on my father's side would think that Mr. Ferret is Chinese (he's Vietnamese). They don't live in the city, so unfortunately they think that a lot of Asian people are the same.

The green with the teal worked really nice. However, there was something missing.

Then I thought of the yellow and red inspiration board. I loved the idea of using yellow. I find it fresh, inviting, and makes me feel happy. After telling my bridesmaids that I wanted to use yellow, none of them wanted to wear a yellow bridesmaid dress. I had to go on a new search and came upon these:

Random pictures I had saved on my computer for too long...

Mish-mash up everything and that's pretty much what we're going for. I really like it and I haven't seen anything like it around here!

Do you think it's a nice color pallette for an April wedding?


Miss Pug said...

LOVE the top inspiration board. I think that's the most complimentary.
-Miss Pug

Melody said...

I love yellow and blue. I've been to TWO weddings this summer that had similar colors, and they turned out lovely :)

I favor the first board. I love the jewel teal color.