Friday, August 28, 2009

Who to invite?

I think this is THE hardest part of wedding planning. At first my Fiance and I wanted to invite everyone so nobody would be left out. We had a hefty number of 133 guests. We thought of having 100 max since we're not rolling in dough and we still live in an apartment that been under renovations for a year.

After reading this article, it has helped us tremendously to trim the guest list.

Do we really need to invite our old highschool/college friends? If you haven't spoken to someone in over a year then no.

How about coworkers? If you don't see yourself still speaking to these people outside of work a year from now then no.

We're now down to around 95 people which makes a huge difference. If the reception hall bills us 100$ a person, then it would be 9500$. We shall see how that goes when we finalize the menu for the reception hall sometime soon!

How did you narrow down your invitation list?


Stacy Marie said...

We barely narrowed our list down at fiance said from the beginning that that was super important to him, to invite everyone he cares about, and both his and my family are HUGE. Sigh, our guest list is at 300! You are lucky you could trim it down!

I don't think I'd ever get accepted to Weddingbee sounds like a tough process!

Miss Ferret said...

We just have to keep trying! As you can see on Weddingbee there are a lot of current bees who had been rejected on the first try or so. I think that maybe if we're persistent enough we may get accepted. Don't give up!

Chocolate Lover said...

It so tricky! We are having our big fat Greek wedding and trimming down is a constant work in progress! I have a large family and Mr. Milk just knows way too many people!