Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Pulls Out Hair*

Christmas is fast approaching and all of the stuff I want to do handmade...well, I got one scarf done. Bah.

I've been relatively stressed out as of late. I have been trying to finish the renovations which have been on hold since November. I have been trying to start doing some DIY stuff for the wedding, but have not started one bit. I have been lazy to get new batteries to be able to take some new pictures from my camera. I have yet to call the DJ for the wedding...I'm slacking off. I guess I'm afraid to start everything?

I needed to cheer up and I saw this on Facebook yesterday. I couldn't resist showing this to you guys.

You see, whenever I feel down or bummed out, my pets or other people's pets always make me feel better. I feel that animals have this sense that they know when their owners are feeling blue and try to comfort them, or they just act goofy.

Mr. Ferret and I caught Pepper doing this the other day (this is not a video of Pepper)

 He would grab onto it and not let go!

I always try to see the positive side of things, even when things in life keep getting in the way or putting yourself down. I'm making myself a list tonight with all of the things I would like to get done before April. I think putting in a time line would help a lot.

Did you ever get back-tracked with planning?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Those videos are so cute. The kitten is amazing! You can have the same fun with children :) Anyway, I know it seems overwhelming. I just opened my wedding to-do list today and about fell off my chair. For the past year I have been in constant wedding, planning, buying, and creating. I have felt relaxed and on top of things. But now, with just over 4 months to go, the to-do list is freaking me out! Hang in there...we'll get through this. Just try to tackle one thing at a time.

Chocolate Lover said...

Love the video with the kitten! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Ferret said...

Born to be Mrs. Beaver: Kids will come in time :) One day soon I hope.