Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ceremony Music

We've been told that we can pick three songs of our choice for the ceremony for our wedding. One for the entrance/walking down the aisle, one for the communion celebration, and one for the grand exit.

We wanted something nice and sweet for the entrance/walking down the aisle. As I was reading on Weddingbee the other day looking at a post from Miss Sunbeam.
Her music choices really fell into what I was looking for. I listened to her choices and I got goosebumps! So beautiful.

The bridesmaids' entrance and mine as well:

The communion celebration:

We would like these two songs to be played on the piano.

We have yet to find an exit song.We thought of having a more "churchy song" if you could call it that. We would have to meet with the organist at the church to find the right song.

Would you choose soundtrack theme to be used in your wedding?