Friday, September 4, 2009


At first I wanted to get a cake from the bakery. That was before I saw the prices of wedding cakes. I was appalled! No way in heck would I pay 300$ or more for a cake! The fact is that most people don't eat the icing since it's made with fondant. I am not a fan of fondant and neither is Mr Ferret. We enjoy buttercream icing. I asked Mr. Ferret for his thoughts and he had a wild idea: Lets make our own wedding cake!

A lot of people have told me not to go down that route. They say I won't have time or that I'm going to be too stressed out the week of the wedding. I see it as a challenge.

I looked around for cake designs since I never made a fancy cake before and was overwhelmed with what I found online. These were the only ones that I thought could pass for our wedding cake. However, we did not like what we had found.

We wanted something simple and elegant. After searching for about 2 hours non-stop, I found this one.

EXACTLY what I was looking for! We have daisies in our invitation design (more on that in a future post) and daisies are my favorite flower. We could use the yellow and replace the teal with sage green.

How long did it take you to find your ideal cake design?


Sweet Tooth Gal said...

I too thought I could make my own cake since the cake I wanted was 8 dollars a slice! YIKES
But we eventually found a bakery that does specialty cakes for around 20 dollars a cake and will serve 15 people so we ordered 5 of them and a sheet cake. BONUS they make delicious cakes and NO fondant :-)

Miss Ferret said...

Wow. Which city are you located in? The only way I could get a cake for 20 dollars would be from the grocery store...