Monday, September 28, 2009

My amazing friend and photographer

Frederika Wellet is an amazing photographer. She started out doing photography as a hobby and now she's doing fashion shows and magazines. I'm so happy for her! Frederika has been my friend for 6 years and even if we're 7 years apart it doesn't change anything.

Two of her beautiful photos!

Here is her website and her deviantart


Fred said...

Gaw you're so sweet hun! :) Btw we have to go get some TEA (read ur other post haha) i have a shelf full as well! Want to go to Camelia Sinesis? :)

Miss Ferret said...

Oooooh where's that? I haven't been to too many places in Montreal that sell tea. I dropped in to the new store of Kusmi Tea and it is WAY out of my budget! 18.00 for 100g of tea?!?!?! They're nuts