Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolutions - > DDR

I am back and ready to blog! With all of the holiday fever finally over, I have some time to do what I've been slacking off. --> getting into shape.

You see, back when I was in college I used to hit the arcades a little too often instead of going to class. I got hooked on Dance Dance Revolution and I got my daily exercise that way. I finished college a few years ago so I don't play as often. Also, a lot of arcades have closed down in my area -_-.

I am by no means an expert, so I generally play on standard and heavy mode. I used to play with MOH C back in the day. It has been ages since we've played together! I need to dust off my DDR mat from the closet and start playing again at home.

Here are some of my favorite songs to dance to:

Heavy Mode

I really miss this one! They didn't have it long at the arcades.

Are you a DDR fan? Do you use DDR or the Wii fit to get you into shape?


penga said...

ahh I used to play a little DDR..FI was really good at one point, but he perferred the beatmania games. I had all the Smile DK songs on my CD player back in the day, good times! I play wii fit now, though I think DDR was more intensive cardio :)