Friday, January 15, 2010

The Back Up Plan

The last time Mr. Ferret went to the reception hall to give in the deposit he spoke to the owner about the decorations. In our contract it said we have the decorations included, but it wasn't exactly specified. Well, Mr. Ferret found out that the decorations on the walls (paintings and such) are indeed included, but if we want centerpieces they only supply fake flowers. Fake flowers feel really...well tacky and dollarama-like to me. So until we meet up with the owner again in February or March I have to make a back-up plan just in case. With my anxieties slowly creeping up on me as much as the wedding date is I have to plan so I can sleep at night. I stress out over silly little details!

I really like the concept of using fruit as centerpieces with candles. It's so fresh!

Imagine these with Baby's breath instead of the yellow flowers?

 Picture saved on computer
Maybe we could use daffodils?

Another picture I had saved on my computer for ages...

Do you have any interesting back up plans for your centerpieces?