Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evolution of Hair

I've been "growing my hair out" just for the wedding. You see, I'm the kind of girl that cannot STAND having more than 4 inches of hair all over. It drives me berserk! Up to the point that I generally hack it off before I can get to a hairdresser.

March 2005

I also took hairdressing classes back in 2003 so I also learned how to properly color my own hair and do some major funky stuff. So trying to get nice long healthy hair is a lot of work for me!

In highschool I mostly had bright red or orange hair. And I mean ORANGE. Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures of myself with orange hair, but here are a few others...

Winter 2004

Winter 2005

August 2006
(I had gotten hair extensions that summer when I went to Sweden)

Summer 2008

Winter 2006 

Have you tried growing out your hair for your wedding?