Thursday, October 8, 2009

Riz en Folie!

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to try out Riz En Folie because I thought it could be an interesting dessert to have at the reception. I had seen an ad in the newspaper about it being the first Rice Pudding Bar in Canada. I absolutely LOVE rice pudding. So one Wednesday evening I decided to pop on in and try a few flavors.

I arrived 30 minutes before closing so they didn't have many flavors left. I tried going for the flavors that had colors similar to our wedding theme. There wasn't enough of the Mint Chocolate for me to bring home, but the saleslady gave me a spoonful to taste. YUM! It seriously tasted like After Eight chocolate! I didn't taste any other samples, but decided to get a 2 serving containter of Green Tea and Lemon Pie.

2 2 serving dishes withtheir own spoons.

I was really disappointed. I guess I had high expectations after trying the Mint Chocolate rice pudding. The Green Tea somewhat tasted bland. I expected to it to taste more matcha-ish since I had made some green tea cupcakes a few weeks back. The Lemon Pie was good, but really tart. I love tart, but it has to be evened out with the sweetness. It tasted more like lemon juice pie.

The flavors didn't make a cut and at 4.00$ for a 2 serving dish, we decided not to bring this dessert to the reception.