Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Food Glorious Food!

I asbolutely LOVE my reception hall. The owner knows the mother of one of our friends so it's even better. What we are tremendously happy about it is that we can bring some of Mr. Ferret's Vietnamese traditional food!

We will be bringing loads of imperial rolls that Mr. Ferret's mom makes for special occasions made with crab and shrimp.

And this entree that I keep forgetting its name. Its made with sugar cane wrapped in ground shrimp. This stuff is SO addictive! When the sugar cane is cooked it gets so sweet. You can chew out all of the juice while chomping down on the shrimp.

There are other traditional foods that are usually served at Vietnamese weddings. It's generally a lot of seafood. One of them is something like the shrimp paste above with the sugar cane, but it's like a pancake and another is deep fried crab patties.

I'm going to eat like a pig at our wedding and LOVE IT!