Friday, October 30, 2009

This Wonderful Art Store Called Michaels

A little while ago my mom had gone to Plattsburg with her sweetie to do some shopping since the Canadian dollar was almost at par with the U.S dollar. She mentioned that she went to an art store there that we don't have here and that I would really really enjoy it.

You see, I'm a craft person. I went to Dawson College in Visual Arts hoping to do something useful with my skills. I love to create things with my hands. You know how some people have one or two hobbies? I've got too many! I knit, crochet, do beading, caking, lots of random DIY stuff. I have containers of beads, felt, wool, differents tools,'s all over the place! So when I went to Michaels I went berserk! I was just astounded by how much different art supplies there were here! We were in there for almost 3 hours! Here is what we bought:

Bubbles! Yes, something so plain I know. However, here in our "bridal boutiques" the bubble containers are small, chunky looking, and crazy expensive for nothing. I loved the way these were made. The could fit in your pocket without exploding. I was thinking of tying ribbon on the top for some flair.

My cute little rubber ducky cake toppers! I absolutely love these! I thought of maybe adding something shiny on the bride and maybe doing something with the groom like put a mini bow tie on it to give it some depth.

These are some of the accessories and tools that I'll be using for the decorating of the invitations, favors, table numbers, seating chart, and whatever else I might think of for the wedding.

I also bought:

cake leveler
2 invitation box sets from Martha Stewart
Thank you cards
Guest book
Beads to make the bridesmaids' and MOH's necklace
More ribbon
More random beads
Garter set

I can't wait to go back!

Do you do go nuts in an art supplies store?