Monday, November 2, 2009

Dressin' Up The Bridesmaids

I was freaking out a couple months back. I checked out so many stores for dresses for the girls that I was getting so discouraged you cannot imagine. To the point that it was stressing me out more than everything else wedding related. Crazy eh?

I tried finding light green dresses during the spring/summer collections since it's pretty much the only time that there will be this shade of green during the year. I was thinking along the lines of the color sage or bright green.



Unfortunately all we could find were kiwi green or puke green. Bah. So frustrating! I really didn't want to go the black dress route. It would look really somber and feel like a funeral!

One day Bridesmaid S went to a store that I thought we had checked out, but we completely forgot about it. She found a beautiful dress that I unfortunately do not have a picture of. However, its in this beautiful shade of teal.


The dress we chose is not this one here. It's from RW&CO and it is strapless (with the option of adding straps), knee length, and empire waist. It's a stretchy material which is not spandex. All of the bridesmaids look lovely in the dresses! They all have different body types and this dress complements all of them.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go back to RW&CO to see if they had other dresses that I might like since I really like I need one for MOH C's wedding next September.

I found this lovely flower which would go great for MOH C to either put it in her hair or to attach it to her waist. Plus, it is a shade darker than the sage green that I was looking for. Score!

Did you ever change the dress color choice since you couldn't find what you originally find in mind?