Monday, November 23, 2009

Wha-? Gift Registries? We Don't Do Those Here

You see, here in Quebec or at least in the french community, gift registries are not really known. I had spoken to some family members and they said that they usually just give money at the wedding. I had gone to one wedding shower, the only one in the history on my father's side of the family (whom I have 5 aunts and 3 uncles: all with children of their own. You can do the math). What did they give as a "housewarming/wedding" gift? Canned food. Yes. You read correctly. CANNED FOOD!

My mom's side of the family is a lot smaller than my father's, but she wanted to do something special for us even if there wasn't a gift registry. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I smiled and became hopeful for maybe getting a few things that I had my eye on for months.

KitchenAid Mixer
Yea yea, every future bride wants one of these. I absolutely love to make cakes and sweets and this would help me tremendously. Yes seriously it would! Plus its so pre-tty!

Ikea Data Cutlery set and Ikea Data Extra Spoons (since I always need extra small spoons)
When I went to Sweden a couple of years ago I fell in love with the cutlery! The spoon is made differently than the traditional spoons we have over here. They kind of look like ice cream scoop spoons.

Reversible Double Griddle
I saw this cast iron griddle on Weddingbee back in September and I really liked the idea. Mr. Ferret enjoys making pancakes and this would really work well.

Melamine Mixing Bowls
I had actually seen these bowls at Winners!,  but never got them thinking "well, I already have 2 bowls", which I now see that it is clearly not enough. When I make sweets I generally make two recipes at a time, so I constantly have to clean my two bowls over and over. They have really cute colors that generally run with the holidays and the seasons. Last April I had seen some beautiful shades of pastel for the Easter holidays.

My mom pretty much knows what I want since I'm always blabbing away when we meet up for lunch once a week and also when we go to Winners! together (it's a mother/daughter ritual we have when I come over to her place).

Did you ever get canned food as a gift?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I sort of gave it as a wedding gift once :) But in a good way. For my young 20 something friends who lived with their parents until their wedding day, I made them a personalized cookbook on filled with my favorite recipes and some extra added pages explaining cooking terms and such. Then I wrapped the book in a pan/pot of some sort along with a bunch of non-perishable staple items I always have on hand to use in some of the recipes. They loved it and my one girlfriend tells me her cookbook sits out on her counter and she uses it often. I also put a photo of the couple on the front of the book with the title "Kristin and Danny's First Cookbook"

Miss Ferret said...

At least you gave a cookbook with it! LOL