Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Because it Happens

Yup. Its that time of the month again. I'm one of those unlucky girls who unfortunately gets it that lasts about a week and its really painful ALL week long. No fun.

I have tried pretty much everything that is on the market. The pads, the tampons, the diva cup, the cotton pads...If I do get it on the week of my wedding, these are the winner.

Any other kinds of tampons just don't cut it for me. These ones work the best and I haven't had any accidents. Other companies make their tampons too long so when it gets absorbed, well, you get the picture.

As for pads, I use them too, but only the cotton ones. Pads sold in pharmacies have perfumes which stink in general and I have bad reactions to them. After trying these cloth pads I have never been happier!

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect solution for your period woes?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy bee!

Not on weddinbee though! Haha. I have been doing my driving lessons, working, trying to not buy Christmas gifts, and had a Christmas party from work. Woooh!

I am glad to announce that I finally booked the DJ. It was really stressing me out for the past couple of weeks and now it is done!

Animation Select
I think they were the DJ that one of my friend's wedding a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved their choices.

They said there wouldn't be a problem incorporating the "movie theme" into the music selection. I am so excited!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fancying Up the Front Doors

While looking through some wedding pictures online I saw the bride and grooms first initial hanging on a church door. What a sweet and original idea! I haven't seen that here.

Here are some images I have found everywhere.



I would have to find or create the letters J and D big enough for the front doors of the church. I would also have to figure out what medium to create them with. There's chiffon, silk paper, fake moss, fake flowers, real flowers...the list goes on an on. Oh, and I'd like to bring them to the reception hall afterwords. But where would I put it?

Another DIY project on the list!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Pulls Out Hair*

Christmas is fast approaching and all of the stuff I want to do handmade...well, I got one scarf done. Bah.

I've been relatively stressed out as of late. I have been trying to finish the renovations which have been on hold since November. I have been trying to start doing some DIY stuff for the wedding, but have not started one bit. I have been lazy to get new batteries to be able to take some new pictures from my camera. I have yet to call the DJ for the wedding...I'm slacking off. I guess I'm afraid to start everything?

I needed to cheer up and I saw this on Facebook yesterday. I couldn't resist showing this to you guys.

You see, whenever I feel down or bummed out, my pets or other people's pets always make me feel better. I feel that animals have this sense that they know when their owners are feeling blue and try to comfort them, or they just act goofy.

Mr. Ferret and I caught Pepper doing this the other day (this is not a video of Pepper)

 He would grab onto it and not let go!

I always try to see the positive side of things, even when things in life keep getting in the way or putting yourself down. I'm making myself a list tonight with all of the things I would like to get done before April. I think putting in a time line would help a lot.

Did you ever get back-tracked with planning?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pom Pom Decorations and Cute Little Flowers

I have to decorate the church pews and the altar. I really did not know what to do at first. I didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers for every pew, and then something for the altar, and then throw it all away.

One evening  I was looking around everywhere on wedding sites that might have cute decoration ideas. I came upon this:

If I use ivory and green it could work. No?

And for the altar what about a bunch of baby's breath? I could buy some the day before and just stick them into clear vases.

Simple, but elegant. And hassle free. Exactly what I need!

Did you go through the DIY route for the church decorations?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wha-? Gift Registries? We Don't Do Those Here

You see, here in Quebec or at least in the french community, gift registries are not really known. I had spoken to some family members and they said that they usually just give money at the wedding. I had gone to one wedding shower, the only one in the history on my father's side of the family (whom I have 5 aunts and 3 uncles: all with children of their own. You can do the math). What did they give as a "housewarming/wedding" gift? Canned food. Yes. You read correctly. CANNED FOOD!

My mom's side of the family is a lot smaller than my father's, but she wanted to do something special for us even if there wasn't a gift registry. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I smiled and became hopeful for maybe getting a few things that I had my eye on for months.

KitchenAid Mixer
Yea yea, every future bride wants one of these. I absolutely love to make cakes and sweets and this would help me tremendously. Yes seriously it would! Plus its so pre-tty!

Ikea Data Cutlery set and Ikea Data Extra Spoons (since I always need extra small spoons)
When I went to Sweden a couple of years ago I fell in love with the cutlery! The spoon is made differently than the traditional spoons we have over here. They kind of look like ice cream scoop spoons.

Reversible Double Griddle
I saw this cast iron griddle on Weddingbee back in September and I really liked the idea. Mr. Ferret enjoys making pancakes and this would really work well.

Melamine Mixing Bowls
I had actually seen these bowls at Winners!,  but never got them thinking "well, I already have 2 bowls", which I now see that it is clearly not enough. When I make sweets I generally make two recipes at a time, so I constantly have to clean my two bowls over and over. They have really cute colors that generally run with the holidays and the seasons. Last April I had seen some beautiful shades of pastel for the Easter holidays.

My mom pretty much knows what I want since I'm always blabbing away when we meet up for lunch once a week and also when we go to Winners! together (it's a mother/daughter ritual we have when I come over to her place).

Did you ever get canned food as a gift?

Since a few people have asked me about my vegan vanilla "buttercream" icing recipe here it is.

1 cup margarine
2-3 cups icing sugar
1 tsp clear vanilla (the real stuff)
wee bit of soymilk

Mix the margarine with the icing sugar one cup at a time. If you want to make it creamier you add a bit of soymilk. Do it bit by bit because if you put too much at once you almost have to double the recipe of the margarine and icing sugar. As for the vanilla, it's really up to you. Start with 1 tsp and work your way up.

The picture I found tonight is so cute and I think I will actually use it in the wedding! Instead of red velvet, why  not make it blue velvet? Heck, it would go with my teal accents!

If anyone wants any other recipes don't be shy to ask :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bouquet Time

I have A LOT of ideas for my bouquet. I don't like bouquets that are too busy and I'm not a fan of roses. I would prefer if they had yellow, white, and maybe some green. My two favorite flowers are daffodils and gerbera daisies.


Unfortunately I don't have any links to these pictures since I saved these on my computer over the months before I started the blog...

Which one do you like best?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have wide feet. Like REALLY wide feet. As in C or D wide feet. Plus, I have big man toes. I already have a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit so you can imagine trying to find elegant wedding shoes! Gah.

I originally wanted yellow shoes, but I couldn't find anything that was to my liking. Plus, I told my mom about maybe getting yellow shoes and she turned white. So then every time I would go shoe hunting in downtown Montreal for either green or blue shoes (for maybe my something blue), I would keep my mind open for anything that I could probably wear.

Seeing as our wedding is in April, it might be warm, it might be cold. However, I cannot wear heels if the toe part is closed. Its a recipe for blisters and much more pain later since I'm starting bunions. Eeek. I hate bunions.

I dropped by one of my favorite stores, Winners! It's basically a store which you can spend way too much time in scouring the racks of clothing, coffee, candles, dinnerware, shoes....ah the shoes! I hopped into the size 7.5 - 8 and ...I couldn't find anything. I was sad.

Then, I spotted an orphan shoe.

You see, lots of people who shop at Winners tend to try on one shoe and then put it back where it doesn't belong. Then you have a heck of a time trying to find it's twin.

So I find this orphan shoe in teal. Priced at 79.99$ it was a little out of my budget (I've never bought pretty shoes for more than 60.00$) It looked really nice, but in a size 8.5? Hah. It would never fit it would be way too big. I decided to try it on and *magic happened*. You have no idea how hard it is for me to find shoes that fit. It was such a sigh of relief to find what I was looking for for months! But wait...I have to find the other shoe...somewhere hidden in this gigantic store. *sob*

I kept the shoe and continued shopping around the store checking everywhere I possible could. I stopped by the gourmet foods/coffee beans to sniff the goodness and what do I find? THE SHOE! I grabbed it immediately and headed out the store ASAP. I did not want to regret this shopping find.

I showed the shoes to my mom a couple of days later. She was a little skeptical about the whole colored shoes thing at first, but thought that I "hit the nail on the head" with these shoes.

See what I mean by my man toes?!?!?!

Did you ever have the hardest time finding the right pair of shoes?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cake Flavors

Remember a few weeks ago I told you guys that I would like to make my own wedding cake? I have finally pin-pointed exactly which flavors we would like to have: almond, green tea, and vegan red velvet.

 I made vegan red velvet cupcakes for a BBQ back in August

Mr. Ferret and I love to have sweets from China Town which are usually made of coconut, almond, and green tea. Also, those are our wedding colors so it works out well.

At first I wanted to make lemon cake since I absolutely LOVE lemon pie. However, after many tries, I couldn't get the right consistency of lemon taste. It was either too bitter or not enough.

As for the vegan cake, my photographer Frederika Wellet, is vegan. I absolutely want her to have cake! Plus, the cake is really yummy to begin with.

For the icing, I have perfected my recipe for vegan vanilla buttercream icing. I'm addicted to it myself! I would eat a spoon every time I would make the recipe "just to check if tasted alright". Haha.

I'm really glad to have tried these different types of cakes over the past few months. My guinea pigs/testers really enjoyed them all!

Which cake flavors have you decided for your wedding cake?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not The Usual Wedding

Mr. Ferret and I have decided not to invite children to our wedding. We absolutely love kids, but we want our guests to have a wonderful time and have fun.

So there's no ringbearer and flowergirl. Honestly, I've only seen it in one wedding that I have attended.

I have seen something really cute that would be cool if we could wing it. Mind you, they would go a little crazy with all of the people around!

I can't stop giggling! I know. It's really silly, but c'mon you know Truffle would make a beautiful flower girl!

Ok, nevermind. It was good for a few laughs. I would never hear the end of this from my mom, dad, Mr. Ferret's parents, my friends....etc.etc.

Have you ever incorporated your furrbabies into your wedding?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I fried my modem!

Last Wednesday was my birthday! I drank some iced cider and accidentally tipped my third glass onto my computer and modem which fried it. No fun. The technician had come on Friday to fix it, but apparently he was in the wrong area of town. I finally managed to call them today and they fixed it tonight. FINALLY!

On another note, I failed the weddingbee application -_-. I thought I would make it. It's a little frustrating since sometimes I feel that I could bring more to weddingbee than some other bees that have been on there. I guess I'll give it another shot sometime in the future.

Whenever I feel down this little picture of this little guy always cheers me up!

You know what? Life give you lemons. Heck, life gives you a truckload of lemons. And you know what you have to do with those lemons? Make lemonade and lemon pie! 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movie Theme?

Mr. Ferret and I are movie fans. And 80s cartoon fans. We have a collection of DVDs next to the couch that can make some people blush. There are maybe 2 romantic comedies, but everything else is action, suspense, thriller, mystery, or horror. And then some wonderful little Disney movie here and there.

So we thought of using our favorite movies as table numbers. I don't have a picture since I haven't started any printing as of yet (also since we don't know exactly how many tables we will have).

Here is a bit of an example for titles:

Monsters Inc.
The Little Mermaid
Pirates of the Caribbean
Van Helsing
Forrest Gump

We are probably going to use the Scriptina font for this project, the invitations and other paper stuff, but it's not concrete. I find it very elegant.

We want to incorporate more of the "Movie Theme" into our wedding. I'll put other ideas in future posts.

Did you go for the usual table numbers or did you go a different route?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dressin' Up The Bridesmaids

I was freaking out a couple months back. I checked out so many stores for dresses for the girls that I was getting so discouraged you cannot imagine. To the point that it was stressing me out more than everything else wedding related. Crazy eh?

I tried finding light green dresses during the spring/summer collections since it's pretty much the only time that there will be this shade of green during the year. I was thinking along the lines of the color sage or bright green.



Unfortunately all we could find were kiwi green or puke green. Bah. So frustrating! I really didn't want to go the black dress route. It would look really somber and feel like a funeral!

One day Bridesmaid S went to a store that I thought we had checked out, but we completely forgot about it. She found a beautiful dress that I unfortunately do not have a picture of. However, its in this beautiful shade of teal.


The dress we chose is not this one here. It's from RW&CO and it is strapless (with the option of adding straps), knee length, and empire waist. It's a stretchy material which is not spandex. All of the bridesmaids look lovely in the dresses! They all have different body types and this dress complements all of them.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go back to RW&CO to see if they had other dresses that I might like since I really like I need one for MOH C's wedding next September.

I found this lovely flower which would go great for MOH C to either put it in her hair or to attach it to her waist. Plus, it is a shade darker than the sage green that I was looking for. Score!

Did you ever change the dress color choice since you couldn't find what you originally find in mind?

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Wonderful Art Store Called Michaels

A little while ago my mom had gone to Plattsburg with her sweetie to do some shopping since the Canadian dollar was almost at par with the U.S dollar. She mentioned that she went to an art store there that we don't have here and that I would really really enjoy it.

You see, I'm a craft person. I went to Dawson College in Visual Arts hoping to do something useful with my skills. I love to create things with my hands. You know how some people have one or two hobbies? I've got too many! I knit, crochet, do beading, caking, lots of random DIY stuff. I have containers of beads, felt, wool, differents tools,'s all over the place! So when I went to Michaels I went berserk! I was just astounded by how much different art supplies there were here! We were in there for almost 3 hours! Here is what we bought:

Bubbles! Yes, something so plain I know. However, here in our "bridal boutiques" the bubble containers are small, chunky looking, and crazy expensive for nothing. I loved the way these were made. The could fit in your pocket without exploding. I was thinking of tying ribbon on the top for some flair.

My cute little rubber ducky cake toppers! I absolutely love these! I thought of maybe adding something shiny on the bride and maybe doing something with the groom like put a mini bow tie on it to give it some depth.

These are some of the accessories and tools that I'll be using for the decorating of the invitations, favors, table numbers, seating chart, and whatever else I might think of for the wedding.

I also bought:

cake leveler
2 invitation box sets from Martha Stewart
Thank you cards
Guest book
Beads to make the bridesmaids' and MOH's necklace
More ribbon
More random beads
Garter set

I can't wait to go back!

Do you do go nuts in an art supplies store?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cake Toppers!

I never thought there were so many choices for cake toppers. At the weddings I have been at I have only seen something like this:



Personally, I really really don't like these. They remind me way too much of the 80s and 90s and everyone else's wedding that I have been at.

So I searched where else? Etsy!

From ACharmingMess

This super adorable cake topper by emiliefriday

As you can see I like the bird theme. However, I didn't plan on buying an 80.00$ cake topper. They are really nice, but not worth it for me.

One day, while shopping with my mom and MOH C in Plattsburg we spotted a Michaels store. We don't have any of these here in Quebec. We went NUTS! (More on that in a future post). I found this (please excuse my poor photography skills):

My mom and MOH C smiled since they knew that it fit me and Mr. Ferret's personality. They are so cute!

What are your ideas for cake toppers? Going for the simple and traditional or something "way out there"?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cake Stands

A couple of months ago I was searching everywhere possible to find a cake stand for our wedding. It seemed to me that before I needed a cake stand I saw them everywhere! And then, when I needed one most, I couldn't find one that pleased me.

I had seen some simple glass ones at Wal-Mart, but I wanted to get something a little fancier since it will be for a wedding.

I saw some cute ideas online, but the shipping to Canada would make it double to price. Aie-ayaie!

Imagine changing the red ribbon for a sage green ribbon?


You have to admit these look really yummy!
But I don't have 160.00$ for a cake stand...

Well, one day browsing through random stores in Mount-Royal in Montreal I came upon a store which had a lot of kitchen stuff. I thought, "Heh, why not? I'll browse inside and see what I can find". And I found this one:

I know its not the prettiest one on the block, but for 15.00$ I am pretty happy with it. Plus, it's a light yellow which is part of my color theme.

I'm happy with my cake stand. I still have a wondering eye though if I end up finding something else with a little more pizazz.

What kind of cake stand style are you in the mood for your wedding?